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Batik And Nasionalism

Every October 2, we are advised to use batik as a tribute to the designation of batik as a Human Heritage for Oral and Non-Cultural Culture by Unesco (02/10/2009). Since its establishment by Unesco, every October 02 we have designated it as National Batik Day. 

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Millennial With Hoodie Trend

Who doesn’t want to look stylish these days? Of course everyone wants a trendy and fashionable appearance. In addition to attracting the attention of many people, a cool appearance can also be of added value in adding friendships and relationships. Of course everyone will see the appearance first before getting acquainted, this is what makes fashion very important as a first impression. 

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How K-Pop’s Survived On Pandemic

In June 2013, the seven-member boy band released their first music video No More Dream. The song peaked at # 84 on the South Korean government-sponsored Gaon Chart. Six years later, BTS is only the third group in 50 years to have three number one albums on the Billboard 200 chart in less than 12 months.