Exercise in a Minimalist Gym at Home
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Exercise in a Minimalist Gym at Home

Did Sahabat Grya exercise today? You know that exercise is necessary, so that our bodies are always fit and healthy. Currently, sports don’t have to be done in a gym or fitness center, because you can do it at home by creating a special sports room.

Friends of Grya can set aside a special room or also use unused space at home such as a warehouse or garage for sports. A small space that can be transformed into a tiny gym or mini yoga studio. This room can be used as your private space to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the house, as well as a place to stay in shape.

Create a place GYM The Comfort

Exercise in a Minimalist Gym at Home

  • Hanging posters, photographs and slogans supporting your spirit
  • Hanging board schedule
  • Play your favorite music from the iPod Dock or speaker bloetooth
  • Use smart watch or turn on the application of fitness from your mobile phone as a timer pulse, calculating mileage, as well as a virtual trainer you
  • Play your favorite TV show or you can also tune in to a sports tutorial video.
  • Put a wall sticker that says your sports motto.

Cover the floor

with a Don’t forget to cover the floor of the fitness room with a rubber mat.rubber mat which is very good to reduce engine sounds and vibrations of heavy objects when they fall to the floor. In addition, the floor is also less slippery, which reduces the risk of injury from slipping. If you don’t want to cover the entire floor of the existing space, you can simply cover the floor around the equipment.

Mini Pantry

Exercise in a Minimalist Gym at Home

You can also make a small counter that functions as a mini pantry. This is where fresh drinks are available after you finish exercising. You can put a small refrigerator to store drinks.

For Friends of Grya who do not have extra room at home to be used as a sports room with equipment that takes up space, just do a simple exercise with simple equipment, such as dumbbells and skipping ropes. Another option is to do sports outside the home by using the side or back porch area.

From now on, be more diligent in exercising, friends, before starting your activities in the morning, going to campus studies, going to work, or also before doing a myriad of household activities for housewives, and don’t forget to balance the consumption of healthy foods too, you know. !