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Style Wearing Converse Shoes It’s always cool to Men

Most people certainly have, or at least been wearing a pair of Converse shoes. From shoes with the most iconic black and white designs, to various color models and patterns from Converse. Even though it has the title as everyone shoes, that doesn’t mean you have to wear Converse shoes with the same style.

Here’s a Dress Style With Converse Shoes¬†

Style Wearing Converse Shoes It's always cool to Men

Converse shoes offer various styles and collections of shoes that are suitable for both women and men or are unisex. Not only typical of the 90’s rebel or hipster style, men can also look smart casual by wearing Converse shoes. The following men’s styles can be a source of inspiration for you to level up your appearance when using Converse shoes. Let’s see the summary!

Minimalist Style That Remains Stylish

Style Wearing Converse Shoes It's always cool to Men

As with how to dress in general, of course the easiest way to wear Converse shoes is simply a T-shirt and jeans. That way you can get a minimalist and classic style. But your dress style can be a showstopper by combining white Converse shoes with a matching t-shirt and ripped jeans.

As a result, your appearance looks more effortlessly stylish. You can add accessories like watches and glasses if you don’t want it to be too plain.

The combination to appear more sporty

Style Wearing Converse Shoes It's always cool to Men

Not far from the previous style, you can still only wear shirts and pants. However, this time try to replace these pants with a model jogger pants. That way you can look more sporty. To make the impression sporty even more pronounced, add a baseball cap to your appearance.

It’s just that, you should use Converse shoes with an acute low-top so that the details of the elastic cuff- style pants can still appear. The details on jogger pants can make your simple clothes look less ordinary.

Injecting a skateboard vibe impression

Style Wearing Converse Shoes It's always cool to Men

If you’ve been waiting for how to make the black and white Converse shoes cooler, try cheating on a style skateboarder. Pair your favorite cotton shirt and shorts with these Converse shoes. To give it a touch pop out, you can play by pairing it with socks of various colors or patterns.

Not enough? Take the snap back in the wardrobe and you’ve managed to look more stylish.

Keep a neat style, smart casual style

Style Wearing Converse Shoes It's always cool to Men

Who said you can’t look neat when wearing Converse shoes? Of course you can apply a style smart casual when using these shoes. You can combine it with a shirt and trousers. Wearing a jacket can also be an option if you want to dress down.

In order not to look boring, you should choose a shoe color that matches one of the dominant colors in your appearance. That way your style looks more coordinated and certainly dapper.

Pair it with a fedora hat

Style Wearing Converse Shoes It's always cool to Men

Have you ever tried pairing Converse shoes with a fedora hat? This method is suitable for those of you who want to strengthen the side of your stylish appearance. These two can complement each other as long as you can wear the appropriate clothes and pants. Try wearing shirts and pants toned-down so that the fedora can be the center of attention.


Then don’t forget if you use Converse shoes with high-top cuts, the pants you can use can also be rolled up so that the trendy impression is even more pronounced.