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Representation of your brand or company brand, so it requires carefulness and care in choosing your interior design. In addition to representing the brand, office space design can reflect positive and prestige aspects about how you work and what you want. There is an extraordinary feeling that cannot be described by any words when you succeed in designing a dream room. A room that is complete with functionality, aesthetics, and a positive impact.

Steps to Take in Interior Design  Office


When deciding on designing an office interior, many are still wondering where to start. What kind of first steps should be taken. There is never a standard formula for this. 

However, the standard steps that designers or designers usually take are to give an idea of ​​what things should be done first. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help from interior design services and professionals to make it easier for you to decide which one is the best for your office. 

Office design with closed space


Like offices in general, closed office space is a private space that is limited by a dividing wall. None other than to maintain the concentration of each employee, so as to maximize their productivity. Even though this office space is considered boring, there are still those who use a closed office space, this is especially for people who don’t want their work to be disturbed by anyone.

The advantages of closed office design

a) Maintaining privacy

Closed space makes employee privacy more secure. This facilitates employees to have their own place and work area where they can think and work without any distraction. In addition, employees can also receive calls or work on important projects and tasks without being noticed by the crowd.

b) Distraction-free work

Sometimes employees want no noise or noise to break the concentration and distract. The closed layout design provides a distraction-free work space for employees where they can work without being distracted by anything. This allows employees to focus more on work and increase productivity.

Disadvantages of Closed Office Design

a) Difficult to supervise employees

With a private room, every employee is certainly difficult to supervise employees one by one, from room to room. Making time and energy spent less effective and efficient.

b) Lack of communication between employees.

There is a communication gap between employees. This is because communication between employees and co-workers will be greatly reduced due to different workplace positions and different rooms. Employees work in their own space and communicate with each other only when necessary.