Impact of League 1 2020, U-19 National Team Postponed Return
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Impact of League 1 2020, U-19 National Team Postponed Return

of League 1 2020 competition due to non-issuance of permission from the police. With the reason that the COVID-19 pandemic is still worrying, it has an impact on the plan to return the U-19 Indonesian National Team to Indonesia .

According to the Chairman of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan, he originally planned to bring Shin Tae-yong’s fleet back to Indonesia. Because there is no definite answer from the Turkish Football Federation to do so training camp continued(TC) after being from Croatia. Witan Sulaeman and other friends will plan to go home because they will play in League 1 and 2 2020.

The U-19 National Team is in Europe

Impact of League 1 2020, U-19 National Team Postponed Return

However, the competition was finally postponed and repeated according to the schedule that had been formed . Therefore, PSSI decided that the Garuda Nusantara squad, nicknamed the Indonesian National Team, would remain in Europe.

“The U-19 national team is currently in Croatia. The plan is that in early October (2020) they will return to Indonesia because they will join and play with their respective clubs”. Buka Iriawan in his statement to social media.

“But because Leagues 1 and 2 were postponed, we decided they would stay abroad. Because their return would be in vain and would mean nothing to improve their skills,” he added.

The Team Will Remain Because It Is Still In Trial Match

If they cannot continue TC to Turkey, PSSI has decided that the U-19 Indonesian National Team will remain in Croatia. Even so, PSSI plans to bring back strong opponents to test the capabilities of the Garuda Nusantara squad in a trial match.

“If possible we will TC in Turkey, but if it is not possible we will continue TC in Croatia,” explained Iriawan. “If you really have to continue TC in Croatia. Later the U-19 national team will return to testing with the strong teams that are there. So, players can continue to hone the skills they already have,” he said.

During TC in Croatia, the U-19 Indonesian National Team has played seven trial matches. Garuda Nusantara has tried to lose against Bulgaria. Croatia lost, Saudi Arabia drew, and twice against Qatar won a draw, Bosnia lost, and Dinamo Zagreb U-19 won.