PSSI Claims to be Trial Against the Indonesian U-19 National Team in Spain
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PSSI Claims To Be Trial Against The Indonesian U-19 National Team

PSSI claims to have been able to compete with the U-19 Indonesian National Team in Spain. Therefore, PSSI is more inclined to bring Garuda Muda to the training camp (TC) in Matador Country rather than South Korea.

TC in Spain There Is No Certainty From There So That PSSI Is Still Waiting.

PSSI Claims to be Trial Against the Indonesian U-19 National Team in Spain

“In Spain there are already several teams that are ready to conduct trials. So we will decide later,” said PSSI General Chairman (Ketum) Mochamad Iriawan, or who is familiarly called Iwan Bule. “In South Korea we haven’t had a formidable opponent to play or have a sparing partner or friendly match,” he added.

Apart from having got an opponent to practice sparring, there are other reasons why Spain is the main target. There, there are no two-week quarantine rules for migrants, and the air temperature was still normal when the TC took place in December 2020.

“Yes, most likely Spain, but there are Plan A and Plan B in South Korea, but there are pluses. the minus is that there is a 14-day quarantine. Unfortunately during those 14 days they were only silent even though they could be virtual, “said Iwan Bule.

“Yesterday in Croatia we didn’t waste 14 days, that’s what we want. The second is the weather, approaching them being present in South Korea that the temperature is below zero, we are afraid that they cannot adapt,” added the former Kapolda Metro Jaya.

Not Questioning The Location Of The TC

Furthermore, Iwan Bule said that the coach of the U-19 Indonesian national team, Shin Tae-yong, did not question the TC team anywhere. The most important thing for him is to be able to do TC outside Indonesia.

“Shin Tae-yong’s principle is not an important problem. Maybe we can train abroad because we want a trial match with a strong team like yesterday in Croatia. There are Dinamo Zagreb, Qatar and so on, we want that,” he added.

Currently, the U-19 Indonesian National Team is holding a TC at the Madya Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta, on 13-23 November 2020. The TC was not led directly by Shin Tae-yong because the person concerned is still in his country, South Korea.