Persib Coach The Value of Indonesian Football Has a Bright Future5
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Persib Coach The Value Of Indonesian Football Has a Bright Future

Persib Bandung coach, Robert Rene Alberts, expressed his views regarding the future of Indonesian football. According to the Dutch coach, Indonesian football has the potential to have a bright future. Alberts is of the view that Indonesian football continues to experience development both in terms of tactical and the potential of its players. 

A Valuable Asset For Persib Coach To Develop

Persib Coach The Value of Indonesian Football Has a Bright Future

In addition, Indonesian people also have a great passion for soccer. According to him, h is a valuable asset for Indonesian football to continue to develop. “We have a bright future in Indonesian football. That is why I am committed with Persib Bandung and not crossing to other countries to start new things again,” Alberts told reporters, Friday (30/10/2020).

“Indonesia itself becomes attractive in terms of soccer. In addition, Indonesia has many talented players and extraordinary supporters,” he continued. Apart from that, Alberts also saw a lot of support from outside parties to advance the Indonesian football industry. 

It can be seen from the number of companies that are partner sponsors of clubs to competitions. According to him, this is proof that the Indonesian football industry is starting to sell well. In addition, Alberts also appreciated the role of the media in supporting the progress of Indonesian football with positive news and constructive criticism.

“Supporters, both supporters who live for the club with all their hearts, as well as the role of the media and sponsors are all enthusiastic about supporting Indonesian football. So there is a fantastic future,” said Alberts.

Even so, Alberts views that there are a number of things that are still homework to continue advancing Indonesian football. One of them is related to the available soccer facilities. Alberts hopes that in the future the club will already have its own stadium and training facilities. 

Current PSSI Management Can Continue To Advance Indonesian Football

Persib Coach The Value of Indonesian Football Has a Bright Future

Because, so far, no club in Indonesia has its own stadium and training field. They still rent to the government or third parties. “All clubs must also have their own football facilities and be able to maintain it. 

We need a good training ground, not just a stadium. Clubs also have to start making facilities privately owned, not renting to the government,” said Alberts. Alberts, has high hopes for the current PSSI management to continue advancing Indonesian football.

The Dutch coach hopes that the current management of PSSI will be able to make Indonesian football the best at the Southeast Asian level. Not only that, we must also be able to compete at the Asian and even world level. “I hope that the new leader can be more resolute in advancing Indonesian football. We must work hard for the future of Indonesian football to become the best country in Southeast Asia. We have the opportunity,” he said.