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19 Second Hot Videos Like Gisel, Gading Ex-Wife Viral, Twitter Trending

Scandal Hot Gisel Videos are back in the Indonesian entertainment scene. This time the 19-second Hot Video looks like Gisella Anastasia or Gisel viral on social media.

As a result, the name of Gading Marten’s ex-wife reached the Trending Topic on Twitter. The hashtag of Gisel name, Wiggins girlfriend, began Trending Twitter on Friday (11/6/2020) to Saturday (07/11/2020) morning.

Netizens not only shortened Gisel name, they also flooded the comments column on the last upload of the owner’s full name Gisella Anastasia on Instagram social media.

From the search, it turns out that this trending phenomenon is related to the emergence of exciting videos that suddenly go viral, especially on Twitter.

It turns out that there is a 19-second video duration spread widely where a woman has sex with a man in a room. The woman is wearing an open kimono while the man lies naked. They are on the bed while in front of it a television is still on.

The Video Is Korean People.

Already defended by viral, a number of K-Poper began to act by trying to unify the trending.

Well, it was filled with female porn videos that looked like gisel, diverted by uploading videos of their idol dancing and singing actions. Although still using the hashtag Gisel.

For example, this one account writes in English about the call to stop looking for hot videos similar to the gisel.

About Gisel

Gisella Anastasia Suryanto, better known as Gisel, is a singer and actress from Indonesia, as quoted from uggmtoutlet. Her name became known when she became one of the contestants for Indonesian Idol season 5. This

Woman who was born on November 16 started her career by participating in a talent search event, Indonesian Idol season 5. Gisel managed to become the second winner or runner up and became one of the singers born from the event.

After that, he started his career as a solo singer. Gisel debuted with the release of a single, “Half a Breath”, with the band Last Child. It was followed by several other songs that he released in 2012 entitled “Thief of the Heart” and “Cara Forgetting You”.

His name is increasingly popular in the entertainment world in the country. Not only being a musician, this woman from Surabaya is also trying to get into the world of acting. Gisel made his acting debut with a role in a number of feature films.

She starred in a film directed by Ernest Prakasa entitled Cek Toko Next door and played Natalie. His acting skills were recognized and he won the Best Newcomer award at the 2017 Indonesia Box Office Movie Awards.

Apart from a career in the entertainment world, also expanded his wings by becoming a businessman. He owns the culinary businesses Gempikoe and BanaGirl. In the cosmetic sector, Gisel owns Madame Gie’s business.

For love affairs, Gisel managed a household with Gading Marten for six years before deciding to separate in early 2019. From their marriage, they were blessed with a child named Gempita Nora Marten or Gempi.