Indonesian U-19 National Team Players with Careers in Europe
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Indonesian U-19 National Team Players With Careers in Europe

WHEN undergoing a training camp in Croatia for two months (August to October 2020). The coach of the U-19 Indonesia National Team (Timnas), Shin Tae-yong, brought along 28 players. Of the 28 players, four of whom have careers in Europe.

However, over time, one of them was no longer registered as a player with a career in Europe. The figure in question is Jack Brown who decided to leave the U-18 team from England, Lincoln City.

However, at the end of the training camp, coach Shin Tae-yong summoned two descent players who had careers in Europe. So, in total there are five U-19 Indonesian national team players who have worked in Europe. Anyone?

U-19 Indonesian National Team Players Who Have Career In Europe

Indonesian U-19 National Team Players with Careers in Europe

Witan Sulaeman (Radnik Surdulica – Serbia)

Witan was brought in by the top caste club of the Serbian League, Radnik Surdulica, in February 2020. The player who graduated from Diklat Ragunan is contracted for 3.5 years or until June 30, 2023. So far, Witan Sulaeman has played in two league games. Serbia 2019-2020.

Witan played 26 minutes as Radnik lost 2-4 to Radnicki Nis. Then when Radnik played 1-1 against Vozdovac, Witan played for 45 minutes. For this season, Witan has not played with the Radnik Surdulica senior team. In fact, Radnik did not register Witan’s name to participate in the first round of the 2020-2021 Serbian League.

Kelana Mahesa (Bonner SC – Germany)

Kelana Mahesa is an Indonesian-German player who defends the Bonner SC team, a club that appears in the fourth caste of the German League. Kelana’s height, which reaches 182 centimeters, is an additional force for the U-19 Indonesian National Team when playing an aerial duel.

Besides being reliable for aerial duels, Kelana is also known to be good at channeling the ball. Therefore, apart from David Maulana, Beckham Putra and Brylian Aldama, the U-19 Indonesian National Team has Kelana Mahesa who is good at distributing the ball to the front lines.

Luah Mahesa (Bonner SC U-19 – Germany)

Luah Mahessa is the younger brother of Kelana. Currently, the 18 year old playmaker is defending Bonner SI’s U-19 team. When he played for the U-19 vs Hajduk Split Indonesia national team match, coach Shin Tae-yong was less impressed with Luah Mahesa.

Shin Tae-yong admitted that he was even more amazed by his brother, Kelana Mahesa. However, there is still time for Luah Mahessa to show off. Because, in the next face-to-face training camp for the U-19 Indonesian National Team, Luah Mahesa was guaranteed to be summoned again.

Imam Zakiri (Gymnastic Ceuta – Spain)

The attacking midfielder who was born on December 19, 2001, has had enough experience studying at a number of Spanish academies. This Jakarta-born footballer has been recorded as a player at the Real Valladolid and Leganes academies.

Now, Imam Zakiri is listed as a Gymnastics Cueta member who appears in the highest caste of the Spanish U-19 League Group 4. Contracted for five months, Imam Zakiri who competes with David Maulana in the U-19 Indonesian National Team has played 14 matches with the club.

Elkan Baggott (Ipswich Town – England)

Elkan Baggott is only 18 years old. However, this 196 centimeter tall defender is a mainstay of Ipswich Town’s U-23 team. Most recently, Elkan Baggott helped the U-23 team Ipswich Town to win 3-1 over Sheffield Wednesday.

In fact, this Indonesian-British descent has felt the sensation of being with the Ipswich Town senior team. He appeared for 90 minutes during Ipswich’s 2-0 win over Gillingham in the EFL Trophy in mid-September 2020.

Indonesian U-19 National Team Players with Careers in Europe

Therefore, Elkan Baggott’s energy means a lot to the U-19 Indonesian National Team, who are aiming high targets in the U-19 Asian Cup and U-19 World Cup -20 2021. At the U-19 Asian Cup, the U-19 Indonesian national team is targeted to qualify for the semifinals. While at the U-20 World Cup coach Shin Tae-yong asked to take the Garuda Nusantara squad to the quarter-finals.