Chaotic distribution of BPUM in Garut
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Chaotic distribution of BPUM in Garut

A number of recipients of Government Assistance for Micro Enterprises (BPUM) in Garut complained. The funds they received were cut by irresponsible people.

One of them was stated by Nugraha (27). The man from Karangpawitan admitted that the BPUM funds obtained were cut by officials from the Garut regional government.

“BPUM was Rp. 2.4 million, Rp. 900 thousand was deducted. So I only received Rp. 1.5 million,” Nugraha told reporters, Thursday (5/11/2020).

BPUM Funds Collected Employees of the Service

Chaotic distribution of BPUM in Garut


Nugraha admitted that two people who claimed to be employees of the Cooperative and UMKM Service were named Sodik and Eva. Based on the explanation of the two, Nugraha continued, the discount money was divided.

“He said, the Rp. 900 thousand was not only for the office. There was for RT, RW and village. So, Rp. 200 thousand for RT and RW, Rp. 700 thousand for villages and government agencies,” he said.

In line with Nugraha, a similar thing was felt by a resident of Tarogong Kaler, who declined to be named the 32-year-old man admitted that his BPUM funds were also cut. However, the cuts were made by NGOs.

“So if I was a collective. Initially I didn’t know there was a deduction. But after disbursing, the money was deducted by Rp. 400 thousand,” said the man.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Garut Rudy Gunawan spoke about this. Rudy acknowledged that there were illegal levies against BPUM recipients. However, Rudy denied that his men were involved.

“I already know that. Those who collect it are those outside the government and service offices. Some are IDR 30 thousand, 40 thousand, some are up to IDR 500 thousand,” said Rudy, Thursday (5/11/2020).

Fund Disbursement Management ServiceĀ 

Chaotic distribution of BPUM in Garut

Rudy explained that the money that was cut was the service fee in managing the disbursement of BPUM. The cut has been agreed upon.

“Right now online. Suppose I am a trader, I do not know anything. Now I ask you for help, I’m pretending to give Rp. 400 thousand, the point is that I got it. That’s what happened,” he said.

Apart from being related to illegal fees, the process of disbursing BPUM at banks is also a highlight. Some time ago, when BPUM was first disbursed, people flocked to the Bank, causing a crowd.

Rudy regretted this. However, currently Rudy ensures that the distribution process applies the health protocol.

“Now, BRI has used the time. There is our task force from the sub-district level who is on standby,” concluded Rudy.