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Home Garden Design from Traditional to Modern

One way to make a house more beautiful and beautiful is to turn empty land into a garden design . Both indoors and outdoors, take a look at home garden inspiration here.

Even though it’s on limited land, you can still make a beautiful home garden, you know. Home garden can not only be made outside but also indoors. In addition to adding to the beauty of the room, the home garden also makes the atmosphere more beautiful, and with the presence of plants, of course it will also have a good effect on health.

Home Garden Design for Reference

Home Garden Designs from Traditional to Modern

So, are you interested in creating a garden at home? Make sure your garden really adds to the beauty and aesthetics of the house, yes. Don’t let it make your house unsightly. Check out the following inspiration.

 Home Garden Under the Stairs

Home Garden Designs from Traditional to Modern

If the space under the stairs is not used, you can turn it into a garden with a minimalist style. If you don’t have much time to care for your plants, choose plants with easy maintenance, such as bamboo or cacti. Cover the surface with stones and to beautify it you can add accent lighting.

Take advantage of the balcony to become a garden at home.

Home Garden Designs from Traditional to Modern

If you currently live in an apartment or house that has a balcony, you can maximize the balcony space into a mini garden. Balconies have limited land, so choose small plants, such as ivory betel, virginia, tongue-in-law or potted flowers.

Tropical Home Garden that Blends with the Living Room 

Home Garden Designs from Traditional to Modern

mini tropical forest can be a choice of indoor garden designs, choosing tropical plants such as ornamental bananas, agave, and palms that are easy to care for. To separate the garden from the room, use sliding or folding doors made of glass, because even though the garden is separated by a door, the two spaces still look one thing.

 Home Garden Close to Work Space

Home Garden Designs from Traditional to Modern

Feeling less productive when doing work? Try changing the workspace at home and adding plant elements or creating a mini garden in the den. Plants are believed to increase happiness and productivity. Apart from its health benefits, plants in the workspace can also reduce stress and increase productivity. If you don’t have more space to create a mini garden in your work space, you can use wooden wall shelves and arrange plant pots beautifully.

Home Garden Design Foyer

Home Garden Designs from Traditional to Modern

The foyeris a transitional space in the house, between the porch with a living room or terrace with a family room. If theusually foyer is synonymous with a console table or long bench, a foyer with a small garden will definitely attract the attention of people who stop by at your house. If you can’t make a garden, you can also put plants in earthenware pots, besides being affordable, they are easy to move.

How? Home garden is not impossible even in limited land, right? What kind of design will you use for your garden in your own home? Hopefully the garden design inspiration above can help you create a beautiful and beautiful home garden.

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