A Members of the military and police fired Because of Homosexual4
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A Members of the military and police fired ‘Because of Homosexual ‘

Indonesian National Army (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (INP) was requested to cancel the decision of dismissal of at least 15 members of the military suspected of ” homosexual behavior”, said Amnesty International Indonesia.

Amnesty’s observation is that so far there are no legal instruments in Indonesia. That explicitly prohibit people with different orientations from entering the TNI or Polri institutions. But the TNI and Polri Headquarters claim that such sexual orientation includes “despicable acts and character that can harm the discipline of soldiers”.

Executive Director of Amnesty International Indonesia, Usman Hamid. said the decision to dismiss. At least 15 members of the TNI who were suspected of having sex with the same. Sex was very unfair and smelled of hatred towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups.

Because in the TNI and Police Law, there is not a single article that clearly prohibits. Citizens with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual from entering the two institutions, said Usman.

“This verdict is very unfair and must be overturned. After all, every citizen, every person, should not be punished just because of their sexual orientation. ” Usman Hamid told Quin Pasaribu who reported for BBC News Indonesia, Thursday (22/10).

A number of developed countries have allowed gays to enter the military.

A Members of the military and police fired Because of Homosexual4

He gave an example, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

This is because sexual orientation does not have a direct relationship with a person’s physical abilities and cannot be used as a basis for assessment. In addition, he said, in a study in Canada there was no decrease in military performance when gays or lesbians entered the military.

“It is the same as the virginity test in the military and the police. What is the relationship between virginity, virginity, and even sexual orientation of a person? Do they have different intelligence so they are not worthy?”

“It should be judged from objective things such as education, not an inherent identity.”

Usman said, if the TNI and Polri did not change their views, it would be considered as discriminating against citizens based on sexual orientation or gender identity. “The military and police institutions should be examples that the state maintains its commitment to human rights.”

‘ Homosexual behavior violates military discipline’

A Members of the military and police fired Because of Homosexual4

Head of the General Information Division of the TNI Puspen, Colonel Sus Aidil. Said that the prohibition for TNI members to have a sexual orientation of the same sex is stipulated in article 62 of the TNI Law.

The article reads. “The soldiers disrespectfully discharged from the military service because they have a character and / or actions that can clearly harm the military discipline of TNI”.

Although it did not explicitly mention same-sex or LGBT sexual orientation, the TNI interpreted it as homosexual.

Homosexual orientation is disrupted. It is said that soldiers with such sexual orientation will be disturbed in carrying out their duties.

A Members of the military and police fired Because of Homosexual4

For this reason, the punishment imposed on violators of this article and the Telegram Letter of the TNI Commander. Regarding the Prohibition of TNI Soldiers and Civil Servants and their families not to have same-sex relations, is dismissal.

Because the requirements for admission to the TNI institution, he said, were very strict and were ensured to be physically and mentally healthy. He also dismissed allegations that the TNI was discriminatory because it dismissed its members on the basis of sexual orientation.

Burhan said that there were 20 cases of TNI soldiers involved in LGBT cases that were acquitted. Dozens of cases were scattered in Makassar, Bali, Medan and Jakarta. Then on Wednesday (21/10), the Supreme Court said that throughout 2020, 15 members of the TNI were fired and sentenced to prison for homosexual behavior.

Meanwhile, at the Indonesian National Police (Polri), a high-ranking officer, namely Brigadier General EP. Was sanctioned for demotion or transfer to a lower position for three years for being “involved in LGBT groups”.

Not only apologize, Brig EP also sanctioned no-sounding titles alias nonjob until retirement. Apart from Brigadier General EP, in 2018 the Central Java Regional Police also disrespectfully fired a police officer with the initials TT because he was considered to have had same-sex sex.