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Indonesian TEAM Preparation For The FIBA ​​ASIA Cup

PP Perbasi combines senior and junior players, in the men’s national team which is prepared to appear at the FIBA ​​Asia Qualifier 2021.In the qualifying competition, the Indonesian National Team will compete against Thailand and South Korea.

A total of 14 Indonesian basketball players were called to participate in national training for this competition.

Seven players from the first national training team, such as Arki Dikania Wisnu, Abraham Damar Grahita, Andakara Prastawa, Vincent Kosasih, Laurentius Steven Oei, Kevin Yonas Sitorus and Hardianus Lakudu, will return to the team that was concocted by the Serbian coach, Ratko Toroman.

Meanwhile, the young players called up were Yudha Saputra, Julian Alexander, Derrick Michael, and Agrigation. However, these young players still have to take part in the second stage of selection, to go to the FIBA ​​Asia qualifiers.

Not only 11 players were invited, because there were two naturalized players, Jamarr Andre Johnson and Brandon Jawato, who were also called up. This basketball national training team will be held in Bandung, West Java.

Swab tests in preparation for the FIBA Cup ASIA


According Men’s Basketball national team manager of Indonesia, Maulana Fareza Tamrella, before all penggawa this team practice together, they will do a swab test for the prevention of virus transmission Covid-19.

“They will have a swab test first on August 15th, then on the 16th and 17th they will both go to Bandung to take part in the National Training Program there,” said Maulana Fareza Tamrella, who is familiarly called Mocha. According to Mocha, the reason for calling the young players was because many of Indonesia’s best players were still defending their clubs, at the continuation of the IBL event.

Focus on FIBA ​​ASIA Preparation


For this reason, his party summoned several players who did not play at the club. So they could focus on participating in the training held in preparation for the FIBA ​​Asia Qualification.

“I do not call players who will compete in the IBL continuation. The reason is let them focus on IBL first After the IBL ends, we will call the players . After The end we call those who are suitable to replace. Or add and make a team of 15 people,” he added .

Indonesia needs a victory in the continued title of the Asian FIBA ​​Cup Qualification, in order to keep the hope of appearing in the Basketball World Cup, which will be held in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines in 2023.

For this reason, this three and a half months will be used as best as possible can perform optimally after in the first week of having to be defeated by South Korea and the Philippines. 

The following 14 players were summoned to participate in the Men’s Basketball National Team TC in Jakarta:


  1. Brandon Van Dorn Jawato (DKI)
  2. Laurentius Steven Oei (East Java)
  3. Kevin Yonas Argadiba Sitorus (South Kalimantan)
  4. Jamarr Andre Johnson (DKI)
  5. Yudha Saputra (West Java)
  6. Kevin Sanjaya (Riau)
  7. Julian Alexander Chalias (Bali)
  8. Abraham Damar Grahita (Bangka Belitung)
  9. Vincent Rivaldi Kosasih (East Java)
  10. Arki Dikania Wisnu (DKI)
  11. Hardianus Lakudu ( Kaltim)
  12. Andakara Prastawa Dhyaksa (DKI)
  13. Derrick Michael Xaviero (DKI)
  14. Agassi Yeshe Goantara (Banten)