Indteam Establishes a Basketball Academy in Eastern Indonesia.
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Indteam Establishes a Basketball Academy in Eastern Indonesia.

The development of Academy basketball in Indonesia has been mostly centered on the island of Java. To develop basketball in Eastern Indonesia, the Indteam Kupang club established an early childhood basketball academy. This is the first early childhood basketball academy established for the Eastern Indonesia Region.

The Academy Schedule 

Indteam Establishes a Basketball Academy in Eastern Indonesia.


opening of the Indteam Basketball Academy will be held on Saturday, October 10, 2020. At the Basketball Health PoltekkesCourt of the Sanitation Study Program, Liliba Kupang. It is hoped that talented talents from Eastern Indonesia will be born, especially Kupang. 

Regi Nomleni, Founder and Curriculum Director of the Academy, stated that all this time in NTT. Children only learned about basketball when they were in high school or college. And this makes it difficult for NTT to be able to compete with children from other regions at the national level. 

Moving on from these concerns, Coach Regy and Coach Putra Lord Djaranjoera (Co-Founder and Head Coach of the Academy). Invited their colleagues at their club, Indteam Kupang, to establish this youth basketball . 

Hope for the Basketball 

hope is that through this academy, in the next few years. NTT can have basketball players who have the skills and abilities to play basketball. Who can compete with basketball players from other regions. In fact it is not impossible. From the participants will be born young NTT basketball players who can have careers up to the national level.

The plan to open a basketball was welcomed by parents with children aged 5-13 years. It is proven that since the academy registration was opened for the first time. In just 7 days more than 60 children aged 5-13 years have registered at this academy. So that registration must be closed immediately considering the limited capacity.

Limiting  Players 

Indteam Establishes a Basketball Academy in Eastern Indonesia.

For this first batch, participants are limited to a maximum of 60 children, with the hope that all children can get detailed and complete attention and material. It does not rule out, if there are still many children who are interested in joining the Indteam Basketball Academy, Batch II will be opened.

Mama Emy Nomleni, as the Head of the NTT Perbasi, also provided extraordinary support. He welcomed the plan to open this early childhood academy, and he immediately donated 2 basketball hoops for the children to use for training.  

Basketball Academy Trainers 

Indteam Establishes a Basketball Academy in Eastern Indonesia.

same support is also provided by the Poltekkes of the Ministry of Health, Kupang, Sanitation Study Program, by providing their basketball courts for use by the academy activities. Senior seniors from Indteam Basketball Kupang and Salatiga also supported this activity by providing support in the form of balls, coach shirts etc.

The Indteam Basketball was carefully prepared by a coaching team consisting of Regy Nomleni – Founder and Curriculum Director, Putra Lord Djaranjoera – Co Founder and Head Coach. There are seven other trainers namely Faldo Payon, Tommy Seran, Jordan Lowe, Ferdinand Darung, Aldi Ransun, Chrystin Mudin, and Linda Sayuna.