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5 Hair Style For Men That Are Trending In 2020

Want to change your appearance in the new decade? Check out the trend of men’s hairstyles in 2020 so that your appearance will be even more up to date!

Barbershop Men’s Hair Style Trend 

Maybe 10 years ago, men didn’t really care about their hairstyles. However, when social media is rampant, you can see for yourself, right, men-only barbershop is starting to mushroom everywhere. This is a sign that more and more men are starting to care about their appearance and are becoming diligent in following the latest hairstyle trends.

Men are often seen as not concerned with appearance and prioritizing practical values. If the two of them can go hand in hand, why not? Comfortable stylish hair? Why not!

1. Modern Bowl Cut

Modern Bowl Cut

Historically, bowl hair has a bad impression. This hair trend that started in the 60s became popular thanks to The Beatles, and made a comeback in the films Dumb and Dumber in the 90s. Now, at the end of 2019, this bowl hair trend is back on its way – not as an ironic trend!

This hairstyle is popular among young kids. Plus, it turns out that the bowl cut trend is loved by K-pop idols. Usually, K-pop idols leave their bowl hair a little long. To make it more stylish, give the hair texture to make it more volume.

2. Curtains Hair style

Curtains Hair style

Perhaps during the 2000s to 2010s this hairstyle was avoided because it reminds us of a typical 90s boyband hairstyle. Then, why is this hairstyle back in trend in 2020?

Well, not everyone with this hairstyle looks bad, right? After all, this year you can add a twist so it doesn’t look too nerdy with this style. If you pay attention, currently there are many men in big cities who look so sophisticated and youthful with this hairstyle, you know!

In order not to be too plain, you can add pomade for a wet look, or make the front of your hair a little wavy. It’s effortlessly stylish!

3. Ivy League Style

Ivy League Style

For those of you who have to look sharp while working, you can try this one hairstyle! The Ivy League style haircut is a bit similar to the crew cut style, but the difference is that the Ivy League hairstyle leaves hair on the top of the head, perfect for those of you who have prominent jaws.

This simple and timeless hairstyle fits well with any outfit and includes a ‘safe’ hairstyle. Just add a little pomade for a more formal look!

4. Undercut


You know, undercut hairstyles have been hits since the days of World War I, you know! Many men in Europe like this hairstyle because it is considered practical and fit for work.

Although it has been around for decades, this hairstyle began to reappear around 2017 and is still a trend for men’s hairstyles today. This hairstyle is best suited for men who have straight hair.

Indeed, the undercut style will be cooler if you use pomade. However, you have to limit the use of pomade, yes, because using it too often makes hair break easily!

5.Two Block Haircut

Two Block Haircut

You could say this hairstyle is a modification of the undercut hairstyle. Then, what’s the difference? If the transition undercut is smooth, for this two block hairstyle the difference between the long and the shorter side is more noticeable.

If you are familiar with Kpop or Korean dramas, you must see this hairstyle so often. Yes, this year, two block hairstyles have become a sensation and have become one of the men’s hair trends in 2020!

Well, those were some men’s hairstyle models that will be a trend in 2020. Which one do you want to try?

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