Rangga Killer and Mother's Rapist Killed in Detention Cell
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Rangga Killer and Mother’s Rapist Killed in Detention Cell

Samsul Bahri (41), Rangga Killer and Mother’s Rapist Killed in the Detention Cell on Sunday (18/10/2020) in the morning. A resident of Birem Bayeun Subdistrict, East Aceh was found dead in the detention cell Police Headquarters Langsaat around 01.00 WIB. Hingga now not known cause of death of 10-year-old killer was.

Information about the killer Rangga

Rangga Killer and Mother's Rapist Killed in Detention Cell

Now is still waiting for the official statement from the local police. Furthermore, Samsul Bahri’s body was immediately taken by ambulance to Langsa Regional Hospital and was still in the hospital morgue. As previously reported, Samsul Bahri (41), had to be paralyzed by shooting three times in the calf for trying to fight the officers.

Police station Langsa, AKBP Giarto SH SIK through the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, Arief S Wibowo, said that when the suspect Samsul Bahri was about to be brought to the Langsa Police, the perpetrator also gave resistance. Because it endangered the safety of the officers, the perpetrator was finally paralyzed by giving three shots to the feet. According to Iptu Arief Sukmo, Samsul Bahri was arrested by a joint team in the oil palm plantation area, Sunday (11/10/2020) at 09.00 WIB.

Exactly when he was hiding under a large tree belonging to the Dusun beetle community of Gampong Alue Gadeng Kampung. At that time, the suspect did not wear a shirt, only wearing blue jeans. He also wields a samurai type of sharp weapon.

When arrested by the team and assisted by the community, Samsul Bahri fought back.

“So that the officers fired several warning shots upwards so that the perpetrators would surrender themselves to the police,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit.

Chronology of the Tragedy of Rangga and his Mother 

Rangga Killer and Mother's Rapist Killed in Detention Cell

The unlucky events that Rangga and his mother experienced 

At that time, Rangga only lived with his mother, Dn at home. Dn’s husband who is also Rangga’s stepfather, A is not at home. He has been fishing since evening and only comes home in the morning or even at noon.

Mother and child sleep in houses far from residential areas or in the middle of oil palm plantations. Kasat Reskrim Langsa Police, Iptu Arief S Wibowo said the perpetrator who was a murder recidivist broke into Dn. Finding the victim sleeping with Rangga, the suspect harassed him.

Dn woke up and was surprised to see the perpetrator who was beside the bed holding a machete. Dn woke up the child and asked Rangga to run, save himself. 

“The victim DN spontaneously woke up her child to run away from her house to save herself,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit.

When Rangga woke up and saw the perpetrator, he immediately shouted for help. Immediately, the perpetrator killed Rangga. He also stabbed DN in the chest. It was not enough to stop there, the perpetrator SB dragged Dn out of the house and tried to rape the victim.

Dn also refused. The perpetrator strangled her neck and banged Dn’s head against a concrete road rebate. After the victim became weak, the perpetrator committed rape. After that, victim Dn passed out. Dn was finally able to escape when the perpetrator walked to the river carrying the sack containing Rangga’s body.

Just when the dawn call to prayer resounded, Dn managed to untie the ties in his hands. 

“As soon as the hands were untied, at that time the victim Dn immediately ran to the residents’ houses to ask for help from local residents,” said the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit.

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