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Hi friends, I am a football fan who loves Chelsea FC a lot and I am a Communication Science student. So, in my writing this time I want to discuss whether it is possible that Chelsea will become champions?

Chelsea are often predicted to become Premier League champions this year because recently they brought in new star players such as Ben Chilwell, Edouard Mendy, Hakim Ziyech, Kai Havertz, Thiago Silva, and Timo Werner. However, arriving at Matchweek 3, Frank Lampard was still groping the core squad of Chelsea itself, and also 2 Chelsea FC stars Christian Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech still unable to play due to injury. From 3 games in the Premier League, Chelsea has just picked 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat. These results are the same as Lampard’s first season riding the Chelsea coaching chair and Lampard managed to get 4th position. However, now many football pundits are not sure that Chelsea will not win this season, but they say that Chelsea will be dangerous in the next season.

Opinion About Chelsea

In my opinion this is the case because with a squad that is relatively young and still lacks experience in the Premier League, they are a bit difficult to keep up with Liverpool who have got the chemistry of their players. In the Liverpool vs Chelsea match, Thiago Alcantara immediately matched his teammates compared to Kai Havertz and Timo Werner who were still groping and often miscalculated the game from their teammates. In addition, other clubs in the Premier League have also brought in experienced players who have made competition in the Premier League even tighter, we can see that like Everton, Ancelotti’s way of playing looks very scary and scary because of the arrival of a new player who has been trained by Ancelotti himself, namely James. Rodriguez. With the arrival of Rodriguez, Everton’s midfield was very dangerous and also had excellent creativity and also Rodriguez was assisted by Allan to cut the opponent’s ball movement.

So in conclusion, Chelsea has not been able to come out as champions this season because they are still formulating the best formula. Because Lampard told the fans that this is his long-term plan, it is possible that in this second season he will focus more on uniting players and launching Lampard’s style of play on the pitch but Chelsea might be able to compete at the top.