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Inspiration For Korean-Style Hijab Outfit To Make OOTD More Stylish

Korean wave is spreading widely, starting with the K-Pop music genre. The women who wear hijab also idolize them and are even interested in following the direction of fashion Korean style. Confused how Korean style is suitable for hijab? Take it easy, for hijabers, immediately follow the inspiration outfit of the trendy hijab according to the inspiration below. The following is the inspiration for the Korean style hijab outfit .Many Korean public figures are sure to wear hijab and still look beautiful when wearing them. Take a peek at the inspiration outfits for Korean-style hijab to make it more stylish during OOTD.

Style Hijab With Sporty Sneakers

Style tomboy style Korea Using sneakers, too much Imitated here. Hijab OOTD style with sneakers Korean-style is not only liked by tomboys, you know!  Sneakers back in the boom in fashion because it is convenient to move. For the top, you can combine a stripe t-shirt or a raglan t-shirt.

For the outside, you can use a bomber jacket or jacket jeans. Wear loose-cut subordinates like stripe wide leg pants Korean. In addition, you can also combine a hoodie and jogger pants that allow you to move freely. Don’t forget to wear a baseball cap to make it more attached to a sporty impression. If you want to stay cute, just wear maxi skirts.

Tailored Vest For Casual Sporty To Glamorous

hijab styles hijab fashionista style This Is quite flexible because it is suitable to be worn on formal and informal events technique Layering using tailored vest, can be matched to create several looks. Unlike the blazer, the vest has no sleeves so it is cool enough to be worn as a outfit hijab.

There is also hijab style sporty clothing using a bomber vest shirt like the one worn by Safiya Kang Nayeon. However, because it is made of thick material to block cold air, this type is more appropriate for use during activities at night relaxed style Nayeon’susing long gloves, wide leg pants in light fabrics, socks, and sneakers can be combined with a tailored vest as well to give statement hijab style edgy. If you want to look glamorous and somewhat formal with a long vest, mix a shirt or turtleneck knitted with wide leg pants made of rigid material, and pump heels.

Layering Tunic Tops And Patterned Palazzo Pants 

Lovers of feminine style, can try to mix and match Ayana Moon’s clothes on this one. Ayana looks elegant wearing a tunic top combined with palazzo pants wide-length with a similar motif. 

This floral pattern with gradations of sky blue and pastel pink looks beautiful coloring Ayana’s outfit. Coupled with a neutral gray voal hijab and peep-toe heels light pink, this beautifies the appearance of Korean women who are now wearing a hijab.

That Look Fresh.

Dress suits and white outer wear Mix and match white clothes are very suitable for white women. Including Ayana Moon when wearing a combination of a white robe and outerwear. 

For options, choose clothes infabrics sheer or organza can still be worn by hijabers. But keep in mind, you need to wear during or cuffs as an inner so that the clothes do not appear see-through. You can complete a soft look with a beige or light gray hijab flat shoes and classic black. 

Stack Shift Dress With Comfortable Black Coat

Apart from maxi dress, Korean style hijab that you can try is stacking shift dress with coat or long jacket. As an option, choose a shift dress with velvet or velvet material that looks more classy. The button accent on the dress also makes the modern vintage look dominant. 

If it feels cold, you can add a long jacket or parka as your outer mainstay. Moreover, this type of outerwear is very existing worn by Korean hijabers. 

 Vintage Style With Oversized Denim Jacket And Floral Maxi Skirt 

Lovers of pastel nuances, can apply this Korean Ayana hijab style. The combination of layering that is simple but pleasing to the eye makes this outfit combination very dear to miss. 

Pair a jeans jacket oversized that is the key to your look with a floral maxi skirt. To make the vintage accent even more pronounced, use a floral voal hijab to enhance your overall style hijab. 

outfit Which hijab, do you want to apply immediately to your daily style?