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Modern Tiny House Interior Design That Is Simple But Elegant

Interior Design For A Small House

In the midst of decreasing residential land and soaring property prices, the size of the house is getting smaller and smaller with the same demands and comfort and even tends to increase. This is where ingenuity and creativity are tested to create a contemporary small house interior design that is simple but elegant. This article will present some small house interior design ideas that can be used as references to come up with fresh, unique ideas and become the identity of your home.     

Bedroom Interior Design 

bedroom as the main facility of a house should take precedence in designing. The concept of bedroom interior design that Andy Rahman wants to put forward are the basic principles of architecture, namely: spirituality, harmony of material with the environment, and awareness of urban areas. Part of the walls are deliberately left ‘unfinished’ with unpainted paint. Crate flooring with balcony doors are made of folding glass doors to give this tiny bedroom space. Apart from being artistic and blending nicely with a tropical environment, all materials like this look elegant, yet easy and cheap to maintain.

If you look at the photos, you must think that this elegant bedroom is in a large mansion. In fact, this house is only 6×15 m in size, even squeezed between other houses.

Apartment Bedroom Interior Design 

bedrooms, which are often not too spacious, can be ‘transformed’ into a spacious and elegant one. Design a multifunctional wardrobe as a bedroom area marker. Besides giving the impression of the bedroom as a privacy area, wardrobe designs like this are a mainstay of interior design for small spaces. This design is cool because the ideas, shapes, and arrangements can be different, according to the needs, desires and styles of the owner.

Multifunctional Interior Design

Limited space does not limit the development of needs that must be met. There are endless ideas of multi-functional interior design ideas that can be used to work around this, starting from cupboard doors that double as a reading table or work table, beds that can be hidden in a shelf, or even murphy beds in various models. bedroom, multifunctional interior design can be applied to a variety of furniture, including the sitting area under the window (window seat).

Open-plan Interior Design open-plan

The most effective trick and is currently a trend to get around the interior of a small house is ‘open-plan’. This concept provides an idea of ​​the choice of elements other than walls as space dividers. The boundaries between spaces are not just massive walls. Can take advantage of columns, furniture, and even color differences. The open-plan concept also provides a comfortable and spacious flow of space.

Small Staircase design small

house This 2-story house is built on a 96 m2 site with a building area of ​​117 m2. As a connection between floors and parts of the interior, the staircase design in a small house must also be considered as well as possible because the percentage of space it needs is quite ‘taking up space’. Limited budget and the need for a lot of space in the middle of a narrow and squeezed land, makes Architects give birth The concept of Split-Grow House, which is a Split House that grows along with the owner’s budget capabilities.

The split concept is used to overcome the number of requests for space which is equivalent to 3 floors, but manipulated to show 2 floors when viewed from the front of the house so that it does not look conspicuous and races the neighbor’s house. Use the space under the stairs as a shelf or library at home. This design provides ample space to put and store items while maintaining a clean and tidy space so that space remains free.

The myth that a tiny house on a small plot of land must be stuffy and uncomfortable is not true. Likewise, the assumption that interior costs must be expensive and not affordable for small house owners, is not true. Applying the right interior design ideas can overcome these two problems and develop them into a simple but elegant contemporary small house interior design.