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Chiesa’s Transfer And Fiorentina Fans’ Hate For Juventus

Chiesa And the Fans Revenge for Juventus The

History of rivalry between the two clubs makes Fiorentina fans hate Juventus. This resentment ignited again when Federico Chiesa joined the Bianconeri.

Chiesa officially left Fiorentina to Juventus on the last day of the transfer market this summer, Monday (5/10/2020). Chiesa was loaned out in advance for two seasons by Juventus at a cost of 10 million Euros.

The Old Lady will then redeem Chiesa for 40 million euros. The 22-year-old’s move to the Old Lady was met with scorn by La Viola fans.

It happened after Chiesa underwent medical tests to join Juventus in Florence, Fiorentina’s home base city. Chiesa had to do a medical in Florence because he was currently undergoing training camp with the Italian national team at the Gli Azzurri headquarters, Coverciano, Florence.

The Fiorentina fans shouted at Chiesa with words like “traitor” and “clown”. The supporters certainly do not want one of the best products of the Florentine academy to leave the club they hate the most.

These two teams do have hot rivalries that are purely present because of football. This is because geographically the cities of the two teams of Florence and Turin are not close together because they are almost 250 miles or about 402 km away.

Quoted from the Mirror, Fiorentina’s hatred for Juventus began in the 1981/1982 Serie A season. At that time, Juventus and Fiorentina competed for the Scudetto with their points the same in the last week. In the final match, Fiorentina drew 0-0 at Cagliari with their goal disallowed. Meanwhile, Juventus at the same time won 1-0 over Catanzaro thanks to Liam Brady’s penalty.

Fiorentina fans accused Juventus of stealing the title of their favorite team. Fiorentina fans at that time shouted “Meglio second che ladri” which means it’s better to be second than to be a thief. Juventus are increasingly attached as a thief in the eyes of Fiorentina fans because they several times hijacked the pillar of La Viola. Before Chiesa, there were Federico Bernardeschi, Giorgio Chiellini, Fabrizio Miccoli and Roberto Baggio who moved to Juventus.

Transfer of Baggio to Juventus in 1990 even sparked riots in the city of Florence with 50 people reportedly injured at the time. It is interesting that we are looking forward to Chiesa’s return to the City of Florence in a Juventus shirt. What welcome did the Fiorentina fans give him?