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Fashion Inspiration for Men’s Casual Style, Casual and Really Boy!

Fashion Casual Style for Men

If women are more likely to like various styles because of the more varied types of clothes. Most men prefer style a casual, because it is considered more practical and less complicated. But, that doesn’t mean not keeping up appearances every day. Casual style is also an art in appearance. And this style is a favorite of almost all men, and it’s nice to look at, it never fails!

1. Sweater + Jeans



If you’re one of those who like to wear sweaters, this look is perfect for you. You can combine your favorite sweater with denim jeans and sneakers like Vans, Converse and the like. And you can add wearing a watch to look more casual and luxurious.

2. Oversized Shirt + White Shoes

style This Is suitable for those of you who like something oversized and simple. Just like the previous look, you can combine jeans as a subordinate and oversized shirt plain white for the top. In order to look unique like a Korean artist, you can wear long socks and white shoes.

3. Long Sleeve



Long sleeve, different from sweater because long sleeve is a long sleeve which has thinner material than sweater. If you have black long sleeves, you can also wear black and white checkered Vans and socks.

4. Oversized Shirt Neon

Shirt Greatness or oversized t-shirt is not meant to be black and white. If you are brave, you can try bright colors like neon. Because the top already has a bright color, you can use accessories and trousers in black or other dark colors.

5. Polo Shirt + Chino

Polo shirt is a popular type of shirt for men. This outfit makes the wearer look macho. You can pair a polo shirt with chinos and shoes slip on semi-formal (laced).

That’s the inspiration for casual fashion men’s that you can choose according to your taste. Best isn’t it, Toppers? In addition to the types of items and materials, pay attention to the color combination to make it more perfect!