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These Kinds Of Fashion Styles, Describe Your Personality! Which Is Your Style?

Girls …. It turns out that the Fashion Style we choose actually describes our personalityyou know … curiousLet’s seewhich style is yours?

1Casual Style

Casual Style becomes the most style Favorite everyone, because this is very casual style Simple and comfort in mind girls, models casual clothing is synonymous with models the Non-Formal so really suitable for use for daily activities for hangout with friends / street -The walk to the mall is definitely really cool, this outfit is very simple but interesting, the combination of a t-shirt with a jeans jacket, skinny jeans and sneakers is ready to hangout.

People who wear this Casual Style usually have a relaxed but agile personality and like simple outfits. They don’t like outfits that are too crowded, they also don’t like complicated things, they like what they look like.

2Glamour Style

Glamor Style is very famous among Indonesian and foreign celebrities, because this style is synonymous with luxury impression, style this is also used to show someone’s social status. This Style fashion is very coveted by women, you know. because style prioritizes the impression of luxury, so that people who see it can immediately judge that the person wearing this outfit is a classy person. 

People who wear Glamor Style usually have a personality that is thirsty for praise, sometimes they also have a high ego, they always want to look perfect, they really love luxury and really love themselves

3Classic Style

Classic Style This classic style style prioritizes comfort in appearance. , but also in fact the classic style in quality and style that is currently popular. For example, such as flat footwear, boots, leather, or high heels, blouses with buttons, skirts and wide pants. This appearance also shows simple but elegant.

People who wear classic styles usually describe neat, smart, and elegant personalities. They also tend to be perspectife in appearance

4Chic Style

Chic style is very popular with girls, because the style is simple and very easy to follow. Many women want to look trendy and fashionable for daily activities, or when they go to formal events. 

People who wear this style usually want to look simple but classy. The design that is often chosen is to have a classic impression but still looks stylish so that it gives a classy side. People who wear Chic Style usually have a firm personality and like luxury, about appearance they usually choose simple but fashionable outfits

5Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style, the users of style bohemian have an interest in an “art” because this bohemian style is so artistic. At first glance, style this is almost like an arty style, but in this bohemian style it is characterized by a more complicated pattern. However, most forms of clothing that use bohemian, such as country girl blouses, hippie ponchos, motifs, patterns, patterns and textures are intricate and seem exotic.

people who wear bohemian style usually describe someone who loves art and freedom of expression in appearance