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Modifying Home Environment That Are Healthy, Child Friendly And Look Beautiful

My home is my castle, that’s a familiar expression to our ears, describing how simple a house we live in, but in the morning the owner feels like a palace to him.

The existence of a house apart from being a place to live, is also a symbol of the personality of the occupants. If the house has a clean and comfortable place, it is as if this situation represents the personality of the occupants.

When we see a house that has a clean yard and has an orderly layout inside, it seems that it has given a good impression to the owner.

Even so, when we encounter the condition of the house with a chaotic layout, plus the appearance of the dirty yard, it makes our minds conclude that there is a problem with the occupants.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if we start trying to modify the environment and layout of our homes in a beautiful and comfortable way. So that guests who come to our house can assume a positive attitude towards us as the owner of the house, by paying attention to the following things:

Make Over House With A Garden Of Nutrition

When we look at the yard of a house that does not have intercropping plants and medicinal plants. Feeling that there is something missing on that side of the house, it is only fitting that every house needs to leave a little page for medicinal plants.

You don’t need a large yard, just a few meters to adjust to the condition of the yard area. The plants that have medicinal properties can be in the form of lemongrass leaves, cat’s whiskers, betel, ginger, galangal, turmeric, aloe vera, etc.

It does not need to be implanted in large quantities, just enough, at least when needed, it is available to family members. Utilizing the family nutrition park has not become a priority for our society, even though its existence is very much needed.

Child Friendly Room

Spatial Layout Sometimes we often ignore the needs of children. Usually they tend to design according to the tastes of the husband / wife, so that we rarely find rooms that are child friendly.

What is meant by child-friendly space is the availability of a place that suits children’s needs. Like there is a children’s play area, it doesn’t need to be luxurious, but it has extraordinary beneficial effects for children.

In addition, children’s bedrooms and toilets also need to be designed in a child-friendly atmosphere, such as placing pictures of cartoon characters that are favored by the children, either in the form of Doraemon, Spiderman, or Hello Kitty for girls.

Psychologically, the child’s feelings will feel calmer with a room design that is appropriate for their age. The availability of child-friendly spaces will also help their interest in learning and creativity.

Placement Of Home Accessories

To beautify the house, it is also necessary to sweeten it with accessories that support the atmosphere of the house to be more beautiful. Like placing a small wall shelf that can be filled with family photos, key chains and small faux flowers.

It is not enough to stop there, we also need to design a TV box that is more elegant and looks cool according to the size of the viewing room. The choice of colors can also be combined with the color of the walls and the color of the TV and sound system.

There is something else that will make the house look even cooler, by placing a buffet to be filled with various household appliances. Especially with regard to cooking utensils, it can be made suitable directly by the kitchen according to the number of utensils you have.

Minimalist Flower Garden

For those of you who have a hobby of being a flower collector, it’s time to think about placing pots and shelves that are minimalist and beautiful. As we all know that lately mothers are in love with caladium flowers , which have beautiful and unique colors.

Of course, this condition cannot be overlooked, it is necessary to place flowers on a minimalist shelf. For this time, perhaps we choose a white shelf and white flowers with various shapes.

For writers, the existence of the present flower pegs is very beautiful to the eye, especially when the taro flowers are perched which are loved by women. Never mind women, for me the boys also like it. There was a kind of peaceful feeling when I saw the neatly arranged taro flowers.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for us to move to design our homes as comfortably as possible, with views of the layout, children’s playground, nutrition garden, and flower garden that spoil the eyes. It seems that to start all that will not cost a lot. As long as there is an intention there is a way.

Thank you for reading my article about modifying home environment that are healthy, child Friendly and look beautiful, I hope it can inspire you readers.