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Beyond Live, A New Culture In The World Of Concert

As we know, the world of tourism, which includes hospitality and MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition), which in recent years has grown rapidly and has become one of the land for the country’s foreign exchange earners, suddenly paralyzed because a virus that is rampant in various parts of the world. 

All travel plans have to be postponed, hotel rooms and airline tickets that have been booked have to be canceled, events that are long awaited by many such as concerts are also postponed indefinitely. 

Various attempts were made to make the industry slowly rise from its slump: tourist spots that create virtual tour programs. Hotels are starting to provide package staycation, and promoters are starting to promote a wide variety of events online. All alternatives began to be tried, creating new trends so that businesses are not completely defeated by difficult times like today.

One of the new breakthroughs in the world of events, especially concerts, is carried out by a South Korean entertainment company whose name is already well-known as one of the pioneers of the spread of the phenomenon Korean Wave throughout the world, SM Entertainment. 

The agency founded by Lee Sooman in 1995 has not only succeeded in producing well-known artists (surely we have heard / read the names BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f (x), EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, WayV ) which is loved by many teenagers to adults, but also often introduces new innovations related to technologies because the founder is indeed interested in this field so he always wants to contribute in it. Since last April, SM Entertainment has introduced a program online concert titled Beyond Live.

Beyond Live is of course different from online concerts which only show the performances of the musicians. Quoted from the official SM Entertainment website, Beyond Live is a new variation of online concerts that can include international fans and open a new era of performance culture to exceed existing online concert formats with technological advances. 

Beyond Live is the world’s first paid concert online brought to you by SM Entertainment. it presents various stages combining dynamic performances, stage production with advanced AR technology, real time 3D graphics, professional camera quality, and interactive communication via live video calls between artists and international fans.

This concert, which can be accessed on the NAVER V LIVE platform (a streaming application from South Korea), really provides a new, unforgettable experience for fans who have bought tickets. Because, apart from offering live interactive communication, they also provide a feature multi-cam that can display ten screenshots consisting of full shoots and individual shoots from each member. 

This way, fans won’t have to squint hard to focus on the favorite member. Much more comfortable compared to concerts offline. With all the advanced features offered, fans did not hesitate to spend approximately IDR 400,000 for the two-hour concert. Reporting from the SM Entertainment Twitter account, one of the concerts offered managed to attract a total of 104,000 spectators. Fantastic numbers for an online show.

From this new culture introduced by SM Entertainment, hopefully the Indonesian tourism industry can also be inspired to make similar innovations and come to life in a pandemic that has yet to see a bright point for some time to come.