Italian League Answers to Stefano Pioli's doubts about AC Milan's chance to win the Scudetto
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Italian League Answers To Stefano Pioli’s Doubts about AC Milan’s Chance To Win The Scudetto

AC Milan fans have high hopes for the squad ahead of the 2020/2021 Italian League competition. Moreover, there is a dream to win the Scudetto title again.

The hopes of the Rossoneri supporters are not without alibis. AC Milan’s performance in the past, to be precise after the lockdown, was very impressive. No wonder the public has big expectations for the club nicknamed the Rossoneri, until some say they are able to reach the Scudetto at this time.

Milan really got up at that moment. They continued to go up until they successfully finished in 6th place, just above Napoli. This is an extraordinary achievement considering that Milan were stranded out of the top 10 at the start of the season. This achievement also made Milan believe in distributing a new contract to the coach, Stefano Pioli. This belief continues to be tested right because Zlatan Ibrahimovic et al were able to beat Shamrock Rovers in the Europa League recently.

On Tuesday (22/9/2020) early morning WIB, AC Milan was about to experience Bologna in the first week of the 2020/2021 Serie A match. They arrived enveloped in big expectations from the public who believed that Milan could win. Then, what are Pioli’s assumptions? The former Fiorentina coach displays pessimistic behavior. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the determination to fulfill that belief.

“We must always show that if we are an ambitious team, we have to share everything,” he said in a press conference, quoted by the Italian Football, Sunday (20/9/2020) The

Scudetto, perhaps, is still very far from Pioli’s mind. Instead of focusing on something that is not yet reachable, he is sorting out to focus his attention on AC Milan’s unfavorable trend in the early days. “Predictions are made to prove that they are wrong. In the last 2 years, Milan have lost the first game, “he continued.

Different Match

Bologna is one of the victims of AC Milan’s revival in the post-lockdown period. No half-hearted, Milan hit them with a score of 5- 1 at their home base, the San Siro. But Pioli was reluctant to reflect on the match. According to him, the opponent against Bologna would later produce a different result.

One of Pioli’s goals this season is to correct Milan’s position in the standings. “Having pressure is a privilege, that means you have reached a certain level, our goal is to correct our time,” he concluded.