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Here’s How a Professional Interior Design Consultant Works!

In the world of interior design, interior design consultants have an important role so that the space you want to design is in accordance with the client, both in personality and in function. Broadly speaking, an interior design consultant is the party who can determine what kind of interior design concept you want to present in the space.

1. Programming Client

Programming in the world of interior design is the means of data collection. Eits, don’t get confused first when you see that an interior design consultant has to collect data, this is because an interior design consultant needs to know various things.

With detailed information from clients, interior design consultants can fulfill client desires more easily because the interior design picture can be clearer and in accordance with the client. So, don’t hesitate to tell an interior design consultant a lot of things so that the room you want can be realized properly.Styles, 

2. Start Determining Interior Style

If an interior design consultant already understands the client’s needs and desires, an interior design consultant can begin to determine what type of interior design style is suitable for the interior design that will be done. What is the interior design style?

Interior design styles in general are usually traditional, so that there are also contemporary architectural styles such as those that have been widely applied in Western countries. You can also choose a casual or formal interior design style for your room.

3. Inspiration Interior design styles from various things

Interior design consultants usually seek inspiration for interior design styles from other things that can be liked by their clients. The inspiration that is easiest to find is the atmosphere of interior design in various cities or countries, whether the design styles are Swedish, Japanese, Arabic, or Scandinavian countries, all can be inspiration, you know! Interior design consultants can apply these inspirations to choosing a combination of colors, materials, and decorations.

4. Determination of Color and Details

In all rooms that will be designed the interior, color selection and details are also quite important keys. The colors and details that are presented can determine whether the atmosphere that is applied reflects the desired interior design style or not

5. Applying the Results Programming

From what room will be designed, the client’s needs and preferences, an interior design consultant can determine the right color and interior details to be applied. Talk about color, for example. If a client wants a traditional Javanese style, then brown, beige, and yellow are the right choices. The typical Balinese house style? Don’t forget about red, black and white.