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A 15 Year Old Teenager In Indonesia Kills, And Indicates He Is a Psychopath.

a 6 year old child A teenager with the initials NF (15) has the heart to kill a 6 year old boy with the initials APA in Indonesia, to be precise in the area of ​​Central Jakarta, Thursday (5/3 / 2020)

NF sadistically killed his neighbor by putting it in water and keeping his body in the closet of his room. Mental Medicine Specialist, Dharmawan Ardi Purnama also responded to the incident of a 15-year-old teenager who brutally killed a 6-year-old boy.

Dharmawan said that as a teenager, NF had the characteristics of a psychopath.According to him, one of the psychopathic signs possessed by NF is a personality disorder characterized by disregard for the environment.“There are psychopathic signs. One of them is antisocial. “

” Him dares to go against the rules, has no empathy, cannot feel around and feel the people around him, “said Dharmawan, Tuesday (10/3/2020). In addition, Dharmawan added that there are signs that a psychopath can seen from the age of four. This can already be seen from his very small age, around 4 years, “said Dharmawan Ardi.

Him said the symptoms of a psychopath can also be seen from the behavior towards animals that like to hurt or not. Not only that, Dharmawan said that a psychopath has a dull feeling and is slow to regulate his emotions.

” That is also seen in the case of this child, “added Dharmawan. Meanwhile, Dharmawan explained that the presence or absence of this psychopathic sign is congenital, seen from several parts of the brain that are not functioning properly..

No Regret

This junior high school student admits that she is not sorry for her actions that have killed this 6-year-old boy. NF admitted her actions by visiting the police station when she was leaving for school.

Then, he did his usual activities after killing his victim.Central Jakarta Metro Police Deputy Chief, AKBP Susatyo said, in addition to conducting the crime scene (TKP), his party would conduct a psychological test on the NF because the perpetrator had done it consciously and did not regret the act.”In addition to conducting crime scenes to the place where the victim’s life was lost.”

“We want to explore the extent of the relationship or psychological aspects that will be needed in a psychological examination,” said AKBP Susatyo at the location.Meanwhile, Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Heru Novianto said that the perpetrator admitted that he was aware of the act and did not regret it.

This was based on the results of the temporary NF examination.“The perpetrator himself consciously stated that he had killed and expressed no regrets, even feeling satisfied,” said Heru.The Central Jakarta Metro Police carried out a crime scene at the location of the murder of the APA who was found dead tied up in a wardrobe.

The police in this crime scene processing secured a number of evidence, such as notebooks. “At the first crime scene, we found a confidant board.”Police based on the TKP results suspected that the NF had previously planned the murder of APA.

The reason is, the police found one of the perpetrator’s notebooks which was found with a picture of a woman in a tied position.“This is a picture of a woman tied up, then it says ‘keep calm and give me torture’,” he added, holding up the victim’s notebook.Susatyo explained, all evidence found at the crime scene will be immediately examined and studied further.

Inspired byFilms,

Habitualthis NF often watches sadistic and horror films.In fact, NF killed APA inspired by one of the film’s scenes.Yusri Yunus said, NF often watched one of the films, Chucky, which was popular in the 1980s, which told about a killer doll.“This suspect often watches horror films. One of them is Chucky, and he likes the film.”