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American Classic Style Interior Design, a More Luxurious Residential Style

Although living in a more modern era, the choice of residential concept cannot be separated from its classic style, let’s call it the American Classic Style interior design. American Classic Style is an interior design that is commonly used as a form of renewal from European classic style. This kind of interior design has a very distinctive vintage characteristic.

Like the simpler interior design, the use of less carvings, the lack of details, so it is synonymous with the use of calm colors. Maybe in the view of some people, the use of this interior design looks ancient.

However, not a few people actually use the American Classic Style design in order to get a contemporary and classy look. In fact, not infrequently interior design with this concept is used as inspiration to get a dream home.

American Classic Style Interior Design Features.

Current interior design tends to be fixated on a minimalist design concept. Where these designs have been combined with various other modern styles.

Especially for those of the younger generation who are quite busy with their daily activities, they prefer to present simplicity in every room of their house. We cannot deny, the fact that is now happening is that almost some people have made their choice to implement a minimalist interior design to meet the interior needs of their homes.

From these thoughts, an idea emerged to apply the American Classic Style interior design. This interior style is believed to have sufficient opportunities to exist in the community.

On this occasion, we will describe some of the characteristics of the interior with the American Classic Style concept that can be applied in every home. Of course this information will inspire you to design every home interior in the American Classic Style. Here is the review.

Placing other large furniture

with a minimalist style interior design. If this style emphasizes furniture with a standard size, it is in contrast to the American Classic Style. American Classic Style interior design tends to carry a different concept by using large furniture.

The purpose of using this large furniture is to create a more luxurious and elegant room. This can be seen clearly in the selection of chairs, tables, and chandeliers used for certain rooms. Regarding the furniture upholstery used, sometimes using velvet or cloth.

In addition, it is also given an additional touch of slim legs with a symmetrical shape, which is included with anstand oversized.

Use of More Natural Materials

For those of you who want to use American Classic Style interior design, there are several things that need to be considered. One that is not less important is the use of the selected material.

In general, the American Classic Style concept uses natural materials as the dominant material in a building. Considering that Indonesia is a country with a tropical climate, the choice of natural materials must also be adjusted.

Examples of natural materials that are usually used are wood with visible grain and fibers or can also use a coarse textured material such as stone. From the characteristics of this natural material, the American Classic Style interior is more towards country houses.

Large Windows

characteristic of the American Classic Style interior design is seen in the size of the windows used. A window with a large size is not only immediately installed to give a more aesthetic impression.

However, this window has the goal of maximizing direct lighting into a room. It’s not just the big size.  The interior, which applies the American Classic Style, also installs quite a number of windows with a variety of different sizes, ranging from small to large.

Selection of Soft Colors

Still talking about the characteristics of the interior with the concept of the American Classic Style. Having a soft color palette with one tone exactis an unmissable marker of an American Classic Style home.

The colors used in this interior design are usually white or cream. These colors were chosen to match the natural materials used, such as wood, stone, or marble floors. So that it presents a warmer impression.