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Playing without spectators, Cristiano Ronaldo puts it this way It

has been around 5 months since football in Europe has been going back to the middle of the Corona virus pandemic, leaving no spectators in stadiums. What did Cristiano Ronaldo say?

At the end of the 2019/2020 season yesterday, the remaining matches in European leagues were played without spectators in stadiums. As a result, the atmosphere in the stadium was reduced.

Many footballers also said that playing in a stadium without spectators was so strange. So unusual, like just being discouraged.

Cristiano Ronaldo was also asked what it was like to play in a stadium without spectators. He answered simply, giving parables.

“It was like coming to a circus without seeing a clown, or going to a garden without seeing flowers,” he said as quoted by ESPN from RTP.

Yes, football is so empty without the presence of fans on the field. There is no rumbling sound in the stadium, pressure on the opposing team, to noisy celebrations.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself has actually just set a new record in the Portuguese national team. He broke 100 goals at the national team level!

That was after Ronaldo scored Portugal’s two winning goals against Sweden at Sweden’s Friends Arena, Wednesday (9/9/2020) in the morning WIB in the UEFA Nations League event. Now, he has a collection of 101 goals.

Unfortunately, when the record was made, there were no spectators in the stadium. So that Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration felt a little lonely.

Now, some football competition operators in Europe are considering whether spectators or fans can come to the stadium or not? Is there a certain capacity? Or, strict health protocols?