Actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has admitted to testing positive for Covid-19 and undergoing treatment in recent weeks, but has now recovered
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Dwayne Johnson And His Family Recovered From Covid-19

Actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has admitted to testing positive for Covid-19 and undergoing treatment in recent weeks, but has now recovered. In a video uploaded to his Instagram account, Thursday (3/9), The Rock said not only himself, but also his wife, Lauren, and his two children, aged four and two, tested positive for Covid-19. “So, the news is like this: my wife and two daughters and I are all positive for Covid-19 and i wanna share some information that what me and my family had been through for the last two – three weeks. Although i’ve had some difficult times in life in the past but this time after being tested for positive Covid-19 is another different hard serious times in life. It’s another different level hard times in life when my priority in life is protecting my wife and my children that we love”.

Dwayne Johnson & His Family Recover From Covid-19

Johnson said he and his family caught the virus from family friends who, he said, felt guilty for accidentally infecting him and his family. Johnson wished that he is the only who got infected but after test results came out, it turns out not. But Johnson said that he and his family is doing all right and they will get through these hard times together as a family.

“We got over it and recovered. We are no longer contagious and we – we praise God – are healthy. We have overcome Covid-19 to be stronger and healthier ”. Johnson admitted that his two daughters recovered faster from Covid-19 than he and Lauren, who he described as “full of contention”. He also reminded fans to be careful when interacting with other people to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“If you have family and friends who come to your house, you know, you trust them. They can be quarantined like you” said Johnson, who also asked guests to take the test before the visit.

Johnson also said to all the people to boost our immunity with antioxidants, vitamins and all things that make and keep our body immunity get stronger and also to wear masks wherever you are. Wearing masks is one of the most important protocol to help us from getting infected.

“What amazes me is there are people out there, including politicians who are profiting from wearing masks and making them political. It has nothing to do with politics. Put on your mask! It’s a fact and it’s the right thing to do. And it’s a form of responsibility that has to be done. Take my case as an example. Remember what I said, have a good rest and see you later,” Dwayne Johnson is an undiscovered new positive celebrity for Covid-19. Previously there were Tom Hanks, Antonio Banderas, Usain Bolt and Bryan Cranston.