Today, Russia Records More Than 1 Million Covid-19 Cases
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Today, Russia Records More Than 1 Million Covid-19 Cases

Data as of today, Tuesday (9/1/2020), the total cases of corona virus infection in Russia have exceeded 1 million cases. Quoted from Reuters, there were reported 4,729 new cases of Covid-19 in Russia, bringing the total infection cases in one of the world’s most populous countries to 1,000,048 cases.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 hours the local Crisis Center recorded 123 cases of death related to Covid-19. The number of cases makes Russia the fourth country with the highest number of Covid-19 infections in the world. Its position is below the United States, Brazil and India.

Corona vaccine Based on a report in the Moscow Times, the Russian Health Minister announced plans to start shipping a mass-made corona virus vaccine this month. The country claims it has succeeded in developing a vaccine that can fight a virus that has attacked more than 25 million people worldwide and killed 850,000 of them.

Although it is listed as one of the countries with the most cases globally, the fatality rate due to Covid-19 in Russia is relatively low when compared to other countries with a similar case severity. Of the 1,000,048 cases of infection in Russia, 17,299 deaths occurred.

That means only 1.7 percent of the total cases were recorded. This has led to speculation that there are still many cases of the corona virus that could be undocumented or not reported. Moreover, the Russian Statistics Agency, Rosstat, has a different figure.

The number of deaths from this virus is said to be much higher than the number that the Russian Covid-19 task force officially announces every day.

Rosstat noted that nearly 12,000 people died from the coronavirus across Russia in June. Of that number, 7,000 of them were confirmed or believed to be caused by Covid-19. Meanwhile, the official figure submitted by the national task force for the same period was only 4,880 cases.