Despite being warned, Trump still wants to meet Jacob Blake's family while visiting Kenosha
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Despite being warned, Trump still wants to meet Jacob Blake’s family while visiting Kenosha

President of the United States (US) Donald Trump wants to meet Jacob Blake’s family, Lara Trump said on Sunday (30/8/2020). According to The Sun, Trump wants to meet Jacob Blake’s family when he visits Kenosha to call for an end to violent demonstrations. Son-in-law and senior campaign manager, Lara Trump talks about how President Trump will travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday following the week-long riots over the shooting of black man Jacob Blake. Even so, apparently Trump’s plan was not approved by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers.

He said he respectfully asked President Donald Trump to postpone a visit to Kenosha, where Jacob Blake was shot. Meanwhile, when asked by Fox News host Chris Wallace whether the president would meet with the Blakes while in Kenosha, Lara said she had contacted her family.

According to Lara, if there is a chance for Trump to meet the Blake family, then he will be very happy. But Lara still has no certainty of information. However, according to the confession of Blake family lawyer Benjamin Crump at CBS ‘Face the Nation show last Sunday, Trump has not contacted the Blakes.

Crump also added that the family “has great respect for all the elected leadership candidates” and Jacob’s mother wishes them all.  29-year-old Jacob Blake was shot seven times by police on Sunday (23/8/2020). After the incident, it was reported that his lower back was paralyzed.

Police claimed that Blake had a knife when he was shot by police but his family and lawyer stated that he was unarmed and did nothing to provoke the incident. Blake’s uncle, Justin Blake, called the police with insulting charges while talking to CNN.  he said. “As his uncle, it is an insult,” he added. Blake’s father, also named Jacob Blake, said police “shot my son like a dog in the street” while speaking to the Chicago Sun Times.

Despite the riots, the demonstrations were largely peaceful across the country. Rusten Sheskey, identified as the officer who shot Blake, has been given administrative leave. Officers Brittany Meronek and Vincent Arena were also dismissed after the incident.

Trump’s visit to Kenosha comes a week after violence erupted at the Kenosha demonstration, when gunman Kyle Rittenhouse opened fire on the crowd, killing 2 people and injuring others. Joseph D. Rosenbaum (36) and Anthony Huber (26) were identified as people who died in the incident. Rittenhouse now faces murder charges even though his lawyers claimed the incident in self-defense. Black Lives Matter demonstrations continued in most states as incidents escalated late Saturday in Portland and Washington DC.