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[MPL S6 Team Analysis] RRQ Hoshi’s troops are ready to face MPL S6

Finally, it’s time for us to discuss RRQ Hoshi. The MPL ID Season 2 & 5 champions will return to compete in the sixth season of Mobile Legends Pro League. No less than EVOS Legends, the King is also armed with the best players who are ready to face the highest level of this Mobile Legends competition.

After failing to win a fierce match against EVOS in MPL season four to M1 Championship, RRQ Hoshi avenged this defeat by winning two titles in the fifth season yesterday, namely the MPL S5 and MPL Invitational. Will the EVOS and RRQ duel happen again in the MPL S6? How is RRQ Hoshi prepared for the sixth season of MPL ID?

RRQ Hoshi’s journey at the Mobile Legends Pro League Indonesia

Just like its rival, RRQ has also started its work in MPL Indonesia since the first season. At that time, RRQ recruited the O2 roster who had already won achievements at MSC 2018 to other LAN tournaments. RRQ O2 roster composition when participating in MPL S1 were Marsha, Lemon, Tuturu, xBarierJr, Banshee, and InstincT. Despite being one of the teams that are nominated to win MPL Season 1, RRQ O2 must be satisfied with being in 3rd place.

Strengthened by Lemon, Tuturu, Liam, AyamJago, and AmpunOM (InstincT), RRQ progressed smoothly to the playoffs by ranking 3rd in the regular season MPL Season 2, and only recorded 2 defeats. Its dominance continued and threw Aerowolf and EVOS in the upper bracket.

EVOS, who won the duel with ONIC in the lower bracket, again challenged RRQ in the grand final. Not getting their revenge, Lemon cs beat the white tiger team 3-0, lifting their first MPL trophy in the second season.

Winning MPL S2 increased RRQ’s confidence to perform well in the third season. This team even collaborated with a football club and competed under the name PSG.RRQ at MPL S3. Still with the same roster composition with the addition of one new player, namely James Chen, PSG.RRQ’s performance was not as good as the previous season.

The performance that was not optimal throughout the regular season put PSG.RRQ in the lower bracket playoff. Just like EVOS who was defeated by Alter Ego, RRQ also returned home on the first day of the playoffs after losing to Bigetron.

Entering the fourth season where MPL ID adopts a franchise system, RRQ competes with the strength of 10 players namely Lemon, Tuturu, Billy, Rave, LJ, Liam, AyamJago, Vyn, Xin, and R7. They also had Acil, who was R7’s partner in RRQ’s DOTA 2 division as a coach. This roster brought RRQ Hoshi to runner-up positions in both the MPL S5 and M1 Championship.

The improvement was carried out by RRQ entering MPL’s fifth season. First they cut the excess players who were directed at MDL, leaving Tuturu, Lemon, LJ, R7, Vyn, and Wizzking on RRQ Hoshi’s roster. Meanwhile, Acil also decided not to continue his tenure in that season. Instead, RRQ brought in James who had defended RRQ during MPL S3.

RRQ Hoshi finally achieved satisfying results, starting by defeating his rival EVOS in the MPL S5 and lifting the second MPL trophy. After that, RRQ Hoshi also toppled EVOS at the MPL Invitational, winning the competition and extending its winning streak.

Left by Tuturu, this is RRQ Hoshi’s squad for MPL S6

RRQ Hoshi had to be left behind by one of his veteran players before the MPL S6. Tuturu, the player with the nickname ‘The Next Level Marksman’ has been loyal to accompany RRQ since the first season of MPL. However, the factor of his arm injury made Tuturu sit on the bench more often. Finally, Tuturu appeared at MPLI during the match between RRQ and EVOS.

Apart from Tuturu’s departure, RRQ Hoshi welcomed the return of Liam, who had also strengthened the team in the fourth season of MPL. Last season, Liam was transferred to RRQ Sena to compete in MDL. Will Liam’s return help RRQ Hoshi defend his MPL title?

Here is RRQ Hoshi’s roster for MPL S6:

  • LJ
  • Vyn
  • R7
  • Lemon
  • XIN
  • Wizzking
  • Liam

The current composition of RRQ Hoshi can be said to be the most harmonious team compared to other MPL teams. Without bringing in new players who need to make adaptations, RRQ Hoshi can focus on correcting mistakes in the previous season in order to appear more compact than his opponents.

RRQ Hoshi players also master more than one role as well as a large hero pool. This advantage can be used to present different strategies in each match, making it difficult for your opponent to choose a counter. Thanks to these advantages, it seems difficult to determine RRQ Hoshi’s equal opponent this season. Who do you think Esports friends will be able to compete with the King?

Rivaldi ‘R7’ Fatah The God Offlaner

Talking about experience, the majority of RRQ players have pocketed a myriad of abilities both in terms of macro and micro play. No exception R7, who graduated from the DOTA 2 RRQ squad who now fills an offlane role in the Mobile Legends division of RRQ Hoshi, and even earned the nickname the best ML offlaner in Indonesia.

R7 had a big role in bringing RRQ Hoshi to the MPL S5. Continuing, the selection of niche heroes like Balmond at the MPLI event shows that R7 has above average hero mastery abilities. Surprise like this makes it almost impossible for the opponent to beat RRQ in terms of drafting, let alone strategy and communication, considering the cohesiveness of this team is definitely superior.

Potential of RRQ Hoshi in MPL S6

Having a 100% winrate at the MPL Invitational is proof that RRQ Hoshi is the strongest Mobile Legends team today. Although Tuturu will no longer strengthen RRQ next season, Liam can be the right substitute to maintain rhythm and even improve the team’s playing performance. Liam doesn’t even have to bother adapting from scratch, because he has played in RRQ Hoshi in the previous season.

In addition, RRQ Hoshi’s strength in creating a unique meta-meta from his pick hero is another advantage. This makes it difficult for RRQ’s opponents to determine which hero will be banned or to choose a counter. No wonder RRQ Hoshi has a great opportunity to win the third MPL trophy this season. What do you think, friends of Esports, will RRQ Hoshi be able to defend his title?