Lebanon Explosion
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The Story of Gamers in Lebanon Surviving the Explosion for Playing DOTA 2

Last August 4 became a dark moment for residents in Beirut, Lebanon. A large explosion at the factory devastated the Lebanese capital, injuring more than 4,000 people and reportedly dying at least 100.

Behind the horror, there is still luck for a DOTA 2 gamer who survived due to his fondness for playing games. In a Reddit forum, he talked about the incident and how DOTA 2 saved his life.

A user named / Thereforeo posted a memoir, a chronicle of what he experienced at that time in an article entitled “Yesterday, DotA saved my life.” Here’s the story …

“That day at 6:10 PM, I was playing Dota 2 while partying with 4 other players who were both living in Lebanon. At that time, we were all really happy to be able to play, and suddenly, I felt an earthquake , which felt heavier for 5 seconds. My game suddenly disconnected, I took off my earphones and immediately ran outside to see what was going on “

“And suddenly BOOOMMM! I heard the loudest sound I have ever heard in my entire life. Our entire living room was destroyed with broken glass everywhere from the window … If I wasn’t playing Dota 2 at the time, I would have been relaxing in the usual place in the living room …. And if that happens, I might be seriously injured or even die. “

“I immediately called my parents, my girlfriend and friends … I am grateful that everyone closest to me is still safe and alive. After about 10 minutes, I remembered my Dota 2 game which was abandoned, I returned and it turned out to be a PC. I’m still walking, when reconnect I see the game is being paused, my friend who lives in Lebanon also asked the enemy team to pause the game because they heard a very big explosion sound, and both parties agreed. After that I made sure all my friends My Dota 2 is safe and secure “

“But still I still can’t hold the mouse properly, my hand still shakes doesn’t stop … It took me a whole day to calm down and stop shaking. The scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Dota2 Lebanon

Thereforeo was lucky because at that time he was in the room so he was not hit by a building that destroyed his living room. He also remains calm and can even reconnect and ask how his friends in DOTA 2 are.

Although it is not clear whether he is returning to the game or just confirming the condition of his partner.

Hopefully other gamers in Lebanon, especially those who were badly affected by the massive explosion last Tuesday, were given the strength to rise.