75 People Arrested At Mafia Sting Operation
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Dozens Of People Arrested During The Italian-Swiss Mafia Sting Operation

The joint operation from Swiss and Italian Police involved 700 officers on the Italian side, Italian financial police said in a statement, there were 75 people were arrested simultaneously in Italy and Switzerland, accused of serious crimes, including international drug trafficking, mafia associations, money laundering and corruption” Swiss prosecutors said police seized weapons and ammunition during raids in the cantons of Aargau, Solothurn, Zug and Ticino.

Six top Italian suspects, most of whom live in Switzerland, are charged with crimes, including importing counterfeit money from Italy. “The defendant has lived in Switzerland for years and is suspected of carrying out illegal activities alongside legal activities, such as investing, lending or even managing restaurants” said the Swiss prosecutor.


Some Of Ndrangheta Mafia Was Arrested

Italian police say the operation targets 158 people. “If anyone still thinks’ Ndrangheta is a purely Italian problem, this operation shows the opposite,” said the head of the anti-mafia committee of the Italian parliament, Nicola Morra. Interpol warned last month that Ndrangheta’s huge cash reserves meant they could offer assistance to struggling businesses after blocking the corona virus, allowing criminal groups to enter the legitimate economy.

“Ndrangheta, based in the Calabria region, passed through Cosa Nostra from Sicily, which is best known for being Italy’s most powerful mafia group, operating worldwide. In December, the police fought the group, which resulted in the arrest of 334 people, including a police colonel and a former deputy.