Pop Warn Priests To Stop Charging Services Fee
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Pope Warns Italy’s Priests To Stop Charging Fixed Price For Services

Pope has warned priests that they should not be charging fixed prices for celebrating weddings and funerals, while many Roman Catholic churches ask for donations from the masses, others have special price lists for various services, from baptisms to masses remembering the deceased – a practice frowned upon by the Holy See.

It’s not uncommon for priests in Italy to charge hundreds of euros for weddings, baptisms, or other ceremonies – and some Italians say there are also cases where priests ask for money to couples that want to divorce, which is not right.


Priests Charging Fixed Prices For Services

“Our priest asked for € 300 for a wedding. We donated € 400, due to the fact that you gave more than necessary,” said a bride who lives in the southern province of Bari, Eventhough the Vatican has warned that priests should not charging at all for masses.

And although in some countries mass offerings are the only source of income for priests and priests already been advised to celebrate Mass even if they have not yet received an offer.

The recall came even though the church had suffered a financial crisis from the coronavirus. In May, the Vatican’s finance minister warned that closing the museum and closing the fundraiser would lead to a 45% drop in revenue.

The church is also grappling with fewer priests and an outdated parish model, which he says needs immediate reform.