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OG’s DotA2 : Ceb Return As A Player

The e-sport team of Dota 2 OG announced that Ceb will return to the team after some time.

The news that Ceb is back on the active list was posted on Twitter Og. In a brief announcement on July 25, he announced that he would return as a player of the non-flammable team for Dota 2. They also had the opportunity to thank Sumail on Twitter for filling the position without Ceb.

OG explained the situation in a blog post on the site. According to OG, Ceb left Active List in January to re-evaluate his life, career and role in the team. He served as team leader and Sumail took an off-lane position.


Ceb Returning To Roster


As he played that role, he seems to have rediscovered his desire to compete and take an active role. Although he behaved well as a coach, he was more motivated for the player and wanted to repeat himself with friends at OG.

They announced they would return to their place in time for the Dota Pit tournament that began on July 27th.

Fans looked delighted with the post on Twitter and thanked the talented players for returning to the team. Some are sad to see Sumail leave and feel they don’t have enough time to really shine on NG. Given his talent, he would soon be taken over by another team, but nothing was said about his destination or his plans.

Goodbye Sumail


There are some concerns about whether Ceb can continue where he left off. Seven months is the high time for an esport player to take a break from the competition, and his abilities may need a little polishing.

However, if he can leave soon after and return to his performance, OG would be successful in the next tournament and could run money for other teams for his own money.