Lampard : Don't Be Too Arrogant Liverpool
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Lampard : Don’t Be Too Arrogant Liverpool

Frank Lampard was involved in a confrontation with Juergen Klopp in the Liverpool v Chelsea match. Lampard advised that Liverpool should not be too arrogant after becoming champion. Chelsea fell when they travel to Liverpool headquarters in the Premier League continued. Compete at Anfield, Thursday (07/23/2020) early morning hrs, The Blues lost 3-5.

In the match, Lampard was seen at an argument with Klopp outside the field. It happened after Mateo Kovacic was judged to have violated Sadio Mane which led to Trent Alexander-Arnold’s free kick goal.

Matter of the incident, Lampard claimed only carried away the emotions of the match. However, he continued to remind Liverpool not to be arrogant despite being a champion.

“For me, that is not a violation of Kovacic, and there are many things that harm us. But I have no problem with Juergen Klopp. The way he manages this team is fantastic,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

“Fair play for Liverpool, they’ve won the league, but also don’t be too arrogant. That’s my point, but it’s over. In a match, you can get carried away with emotion and that’s all.”

In the match, Chelsea who had left behind 1-4 gave resistance to attenuate the score to 3-4. But goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain dashed Chelsea’s hopes of avoiding defeat.

Lampard also praised the performance of Olivier Giroud et al in the match. He believes Chelsea can get better results if they do not concede a fifth goal.

“The first goal gave us hope and the children showed great character, but they are a fantastic team and we must not make mistakes,” Lampard said.

“Some of the things that I have seen tonight from our team are toughness and quality. At 4-3, if we don’t concede a fifth goal, I think we are catching up. But it doesn’t happen.”

“You were never happy when you lost, but when you see the quality of Liverpool’s first two goals, you understand what this place is and why they are so successful now. We are heading there, and we must accept the results tonight,” he said.