Trump Tries To Move Agenda Beyond Coronavirus
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Trump Looks To Use Executive Orders To Move Agenda Beyond Coronavirus

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump prepares to sign a number of executive orders as part of a shift in White House strategy to increase U.S. confidence in its leadership amid widespread condemnation over handling the pandemic coronavirus, administration officials said.

The White House tried to reposition the president as proactive, rather than defending himself in response to the coronavirus, when he followed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in numerous elections less than four months before the election.

This strategy was combined with plans for Trump to return to the headlines on coronaviruses, which he stopped participating in in April after even some of his allies said they were too long and extended and injuring the president. .

A senior administration official said the decrees would include changes to immigration policies, censuses, prescription drugs and health care. While declining to discuss further details, the official said executive action would call for a “merit” immigration system and discussed the Deferred Action Program for the Arrival of Children, or DACA , which enabled nearly 800,000 young people, known as Dreamers, to avoid deportation.


Aim To Cut Prices For Prescription Drug

Trump tried to shut down the program, which his predecessor, Barack Obama, had created through executive orders, and last month the Supreme Court ruled that his administration could not end the program simply by declaring it illegal. However, the White House plans to make the move as an authorization to take important management action, senior administration officials said.

Trump has struggled to get a legislative appeal on immigration initiatives after 3.5 years in office. And he failed to get a health care bill, as he promised in the 2016 campaign, even when Republicans control both houses of Congress. White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said June 9 that Trump was looking to enact “executive orders that will actually make a big difference,” specifically ones crafted to lower prescription drug prices.

The White House is anticipating legal challenges to several executive actions the president plans to launch in the coming weeks. The senior administration official said the first decree was likely to be for a census or a prescription drug, which would aim to cut prices.