Novak Djokovic: Serbian tennis star and wife test positive for COVID-19
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Novak Djokovic: Serbian tennis star and wife test positive for COVID-19

Novak Djokovic tested positive for coronary heart disease after attending tennis shows in Serbia and Croatia on Tuesday.

Serbia’s number one is the fourth player to be positively affected by the virus since playing for Belgrade for the first time and then playing for Zadar over the weekend. His wife also passed a positive test.

“As soon as we arrived in Belgrade, we started taking the test. “My results are as good as Elena’s, and our children’s results are negative,” Djokovic said in a statement.

Djokovic has been criticized for organizing the tournament and leading players from other countries to coronavirus outbreaks. In no country have the parties seen a social distance.

Serbian partner Viktor Troitsky said on Tuesday that he and his pregnant wife had been diagnosed with the virus. Иг19 Grigor Dimitrov of the modern world said that the three-time Bulgarian semifinalist passed a positive test on Sunday. The fourth player to be diagnosed with Covid-19 is Borna Korich (number 33), who played for Zadar Dimitrov on Saturday.

Djokovic was behind a series of Adria tournaments that began in the Serbian capital and then moved to Zadar. After the final was called, he left Croatia and tested in Belgrade.

He spent 14 days in solitary confinement and apologized to all those who apologized for the series.

The tennis star defended the reasons for the tournament, despite the coronavirus, which began last week.

“Last month we did everything, we did it wholeheartedly and sincerely. Our tournament is aimed at expressing and uniting solidarity and compassion in the whole region, “he said.

Djokovic said his goal was to help new players in southern Europe get rid of the anti-pandemic match.

“It all came from the idea of ​​charity and donated all the money raised to people in need. I wanted to see how everyone looked at me like that.

“We organized the tournament when the viruses appeared, because we had the opportunity to organize a series of tournaments,” said Djokovic.

“Unfortunately, this virus still exists and this is a new reality that we are learning to live with.”