Lewis Hamilton on closing down Michael Schumacher's F1 wins record
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Lewis Hamilton on closing down Michael Schumacher’s F1 wins record

Hamilton is only five victories from the turning point that was once considered insurmountable. At the same time, Ross Brawn distinguished himself from Hamilton (Hamilton) and became an “extraordinary person” through a commitment not based on racing success and a focus on diversity.

Lewis Hamilton defeated the Hungarian Grand Prix and moved towards Michael Schumacher’s largest Formula One record-and admitted that it is true that he still thinks he is very close.

The 86th victory in the game-only 5 of Schumacher’s 91 victories-ranked 153rd-a record of only 2-was a statistical header for the Hungarian Grand Prix ruler, when Hamilton sought seventh in 2020 The champion who won the championship. driver

Hamilton won the Hungaroring for the eighth time, and was on par with Schumacher’s record, winning the same championship as Magny-Cours in France in 2006.

When Hamilton became the most successful F1 driver of all time, the Mercedes driver admitted after the race: “This is very strange to me because I remember seeing Michael on the other side of the TV and now with me. , I am close to the prize money he won.

“And I’m like’God, I work hard, but I haven’t worked as hard as Michael’, which reminds me of his long-standing superiority and excellence. I can understand his situation. I can understand what he is. The tension experienced. It was really extraordinary.

And “extraordinary” is a term used by former Mercedes boss Ross Brawn to describe Hamilton. He praised the United Kingdom for its excellent ability to focus on the two set goals for 2020-to fight for F1 championships and equality.

Motorsport F1 CEO Brown said: “What impressed me the most was that the smaller drivers are likely to be distracted by the important questions raised by Lewis, but this passion seems to only spark interest in the UK.” Officials after the race Sports website column.

“He is at the forefront of promoting diversity and participating in this sport. He believes this is necessary and does everything he can to bring about change. At the same time, he is doing his best.” “Day after week. Work. He is an extraordinary person.”

Hamilton’s decision and focus was perhaps the most prominent point in Sunday’s game, when he was looking for extra points for the fastest round by offering what he called “free” perforated new four-lap tires.

Although the 27-second advantage over Max Verstappen at the time meant that he had enough room to stop and lead again, there would be other risks of dismissal if Mercedes service made a mistake.

But as Hamilton explained: “I know (at the 2007 McLaren World Cup) what it feels like to lose one point in the World Cup, even if I don’t have to give up, I won’t give up.” We’ve seen this before, I know how to deal with it from experience without risking too much loss, and I indirectly trust the team’s telephone and pit crews.